Fingerprint Drug Testing

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Fingerprint Drug Testing

Safer, Socially Distant Drug Testing

We have recently added the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing System to our portfolio to enable our clients to benefit from this convenient new approach to drug testing which works by analysing fingerprint sweat to detect recent drug use.

Fingerprint drug testing is quick, hygienic and enables social distancing during use. Face coverings can remain in place throughout testing and there’s no need for close contact or handling of biohazardous body fluids such as saliva or urine samples. Fully portable, the system eliminates the need for specific areas to carry out testing.

Fingerprint sample collection using the small, tamper-evident Drug Screening Cartridge takes less than a minute, and results are available in 10 minutes from the portable Intelligent Fingerprinting DSR-Plus Reader.

To learn more about how fingerprint drug testing could support your business at this challenging time, book a demo today.

DSR Plus

Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screen Test

Benefits of Fingerprint Testing

Non-invasive & Dignified – The system works by analysing fingerprint sweat, so sample collection is non-invasive and straightforward.

Rapid – Sample collection takes less than a minute and analysis for multiple drugs of abuse takes around 10 minutes.

Portable – The system is compact and portable, for convenient drug screening any time, almost anywhere.

Cost-effective – Fingerprint testing is quick and easy, with no need for a gender-specific collection area or designated substance testers, specialist handling or area preparation.

Reliable – Low risk of adulteration, and impossible to deliver a substitute sample.

Confirmation Service

If the test shows non-negative at screening stage, a fingerprint-based laboratory confirmation service is available to identify the exact metabolite or analyte present. This is carried out by collecting two additional sets of samples using the Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis.

Book a demo today to find out how fingerprint-based drug testing could benefit your business by providing a safer, more convenient drug testing solution that’s also quick and easy to use.

Authorised workplace Distributors

Objective Health is one of the UK’s registered workplace distributors for Intelligent Fingerprinting.

Contact us to discover more about how we can help your business.

Workplace Drug Screening

Everything you need to Know About Fingerprint Drug Testing

The Intelligent Fingerprinting White Paper, ‘Fingerprint Drug Testing. A Revolution for Workplace Drug Screening’ cover the full details of this incredible system, to request a copy of the guide, please submit your details below. 

Objective Health will contact you to discuss any further questions you may have about this revolutionary workplace drug testing system and how you can integrate it into your business.

If you would like to discuss this further or arrange for a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact Objective Health on 0191 486 2425 or send us a message online.

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