Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridges

Quick, Simple, Fast, Hygienic Drug Testing

Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridges

The patented Intelligent Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridges provide a quick and non-invasive method of drug screening that’s more convenient than traditional methods involving urine or saliva samples. Fingerprint sweat samples are collected onto the Cartridge which is then inserted into the portable Intelligent Fingerprint DSR-Plus Reader, with results available in 10 minutes.

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Why Use Fingerprint Drug Testing?

Non-invasive & Dignified
Quick & Fast
Easily Portable
Easy to use & Clean

Quick & Easy Sample Collection

With the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridge, sample collection takes less than a minute and there’s no need for specialist collection staff or specially prepared sample collection areas, so drug screening can be carried out at a time and place that suits you – ideal for random and for-cause tests.

Cartridges are compact, lightweight and come in individual sealed-foil pouches, ready for use whenever and wherever they are needed. Once the fingerprints have been collected onto the sample application pad, the sample is protected by a tamper-evident cover which slides across the Cartridge and locks into place.

The fingerprint sample is dissolved during the test process and, as the Cartridge is non-biohazardous, it can be disposed of in normal waste after use.

the video shows the step-by-step process of fingerprint drug screening in action, from sample collection to results.

How It Works

The Cartridges use lateral flow assay technology – similar to a pregnancy test – to detect specific drugs or their metabolites in the sweat collected from fingerprints.

Once the sample has been collected, the Cartridge is analysed in just 10 minutes using the Intelligent Fingerprinting DSR-Plus portable reader.

End-to-End Drug Testing

Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridges are a key part of the end-to-end drug testing solution which enables a convenient initial drug screening test using the Cartridge in conjunction with the Intelligent Fingerprint DSR-Plus reader, and the reassurance of a laboratory-based confirmation test service using the Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis, when an unequivocal result is required.

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