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Objective Health Services

Objective Health provides a range of professional workplace services, from drugs and alcohol testing to first aid at work training courses. Contact us to speak to one of our consultants today.

Fingerprint Drug Testing

fingerprint drug testing

We provide:
Non-invasive & Dignified,

Drug and Alcohol Testing

drug and alcohol testing

We provide:
legally defensible drug and alcohol testing,
variety of test methods including fingerprint, oral, urine, blood and hair sampling,
initial results on the spot,
rapid confirmation by lab testing where necessary.

Drugs and Alcohol Equipment

drug and alcohol equipment

We provide:
breathalysers for alcohol testing,
manual and automatic drug testing kits,
all your accessories and consumables e.g. breathalyser mouthpieces, mobile printers,
quick calibration, either remotely or at your site.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

We provide:
Health & Safety consultancy,
Risk assessments,
Policies and procedures.

Occupational Health

Occupational Health

We can provide:
employee medicals,
health surveillance,
employee absence management,
health promotion clinics and campaigns.

First Aid Courses

workplace Training

We provide:
onsite or offsite training anywhere in the UK,
recognised qualifications with staff certificates,
bespoke training designed specifically for your needs.

Objective Health Services

Objective Health is the UK’s leading distributor of Intelligent Fingerprinting workplace drug testing equipment, supplies and training. We also complete workplace drug testing throughout the UK.

You can contact Objective Health on 0191 4862425, email us at info@objectivehealth.co.uk or send us a message online

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